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The Best Facials in Virginia Beach

Looking for the best facial in Virginia Beach? Book a Tailored To You Facials from The Skin Chic!

Our facial and med spa offers facial treatments tailored to address a variety of skin issues, whether you're looking for anti-aging facials or just want to give your complexion an extra boost with a hydrating facial.

If you're looking for a way to improve the health and appearance of your skin, facial treatments near me in Virginia Beach are the ideal solution!

With a variety of facial treatment options to pick from, we can help you find the perfect hypercustomized facial treatment to meet your unique skin needs and leave you glowing.

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Services & Treatments

Med Spa Treatments in Virginia Beach

At The Skin Chic med spa in Virginia Beach, we offer a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments to help you love the skin you’re in and keep you glowing. In addition to our hypercustomized facial treatments, we also offer:

·  Laser skin rejuvenation treatments

·  DMK enzyme therapy

·  Laser  hair removal

·  Peels

·  Dermaplaning,

·  Microneedling

·  Tattoo Removal

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Our team of experienced skincare professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your skin care goals with the latest in advanced technology and techniques. 

With two med spa locations in Virginia Beach, we provide facial treatments to clients from Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads, leaving clients with glowing skin. Book your facial treatment or facial treatment consultation today!

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Facials Virginia Beach

Facial Treatment Benefits

Virginia Beach facials are a powerful way to improve your skin’s appearance and feel. By deeply yet safely exfoliating the skin, regular facial treatments help to effectively dissolve dead cells that can accumulate on the surface of your skin; this restores a healthier glow and texture while helping prevent clogged pores from forming. Ultimately, facial treatments give you renewed access to vibrant-looking skin with improved clarity!

Nurture your skin with facial treatments! Facial treatments can also help to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for maintaining firm, supple skin. Our skin stops producing collagen at age 25, and we begin to lose collagen at age 30, which can lead to sagging and wrinkles. By promoting collagen production, facial treatments can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to your skin.

In addition to the benefits listed above, our personalized facial treatments can also help to reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and improve overall skin texture and tone. Depending on the type of facial treatment you choose, you may also be able to target specific concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone.

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Facials: Not Only for the Face

Despite being neglected by many during facial treatments, the neck and chest areas are just as important to maintain healthy skin. These exposed regions can suffer from the same damaging effects of UV radiation, pollution, and free radicals that our faces do - leading to unnecessary signs of aging such as wrinkles or hyperpigmentation if not addressed properly. Ensuring proper attention is given to these oftentimes forgotten body parts on a regular basis will help keep your whole complexion youthful and radiant!

At The Skin Chic, we understand the importance of head-to-toe skincare (nips up!). That's why our personalized facial treatments in Virginia Beach offer complete coverage from hairline to chest - your skin deserves nothing less! With this integrated approach you can expect smooth and glowing results that will leave you feeling youthful and energized. Join us today for a holistic experience like no other; book an appointment now and discover how good your whole body can look with proper care!

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Custom Facials

Virginia Beach Facials

Tailored to You Facials

Pamper yourself with a luxurious custom facial treatment that is tailored to your specific skin care needs. This treatment is available to book in 60, 75, 90 and 120 minute increments.

Enjoy the relaxation of massage elements while exploring modalities such as DiamondGlow, Microcurrent and more that effectively improve skin concerns like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. 

Finish off your facial treatment with an age-reversing serum cocktail and LED Light Therapy which will infuse your skin cells with nutrients for long lasting benefits, leaving you with a glowing complexion!

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The Skin Chic Facial
(The Ritual)

Our Skin Chic Facial is an absolute game-changer with its unrivaled ability to make your complexion brighter and tighter. This one-of-a-kind facial utilizes cult classic products combined with advanced LED technology that will target every layer of skin, providing fast results ideal for any age or type!

Completely tailored to fit your individual needs, this treatment not only offers soothing relaxation but supports collagen production by reducing stress levels and increasing circulation. Experience a noticeable difference in the health + beauty of your skin after just one session - it's truly blissful perfection!

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Biologique Recherche Facials

We've partnered with Paris, France-based Biologique Recherché to bring their innovative skincare services to Virginia Beach.

Biologique Recherché is a french biological skincare line with a distinctive clinical approach to skincare, using internationally pure, concentrated, raw, active ingredients.

Biologique Recherché facial treatments offer transformative results: clearer, calmer and more luminous skin!

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Flash Facials

Fast Facials in Virginia Beach

The Drip Facial

Get ready to experience the ultimate transformation with this powerful facial! Starting off with a gentle chemical exfoliation and deep cleanse, your aesthetician will then use DiamondGlow technology combined with SkinMedica’s Hyaluronic Acid serum, HA5, to deeply hydrate. Next up is an indulgent hydrating mask featuring LED Light Therapy - offering intense hydration + replenishing nourishment for noticeably softer skin. Finally, you'll be treated to a customized serum infusion that leaves you glowing from within all day long!

This facial is 30 minutes

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The Afterglow Facial

Transform your complexion with this high-tech facial treatment featuring Valmont. Enjoy a multi-step purifying process, beginning with their luxe Prime Renewing Pack to draw out impurities and reveal softer skin.

Follow it up with DiamondGlow featuring Even + Correct serum that infuses deep brightening effects into the epidermis for immediate glow gratification; then be treated to LumiMask serums plus LED Light Therapy--a surefire way of getting your visage brighter and tighter than ever before!

This facial is 30 minutes

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The Glowgasm Facial

Ready for a radiant complexion? Look no further than our Quickie Facial Treatment with iS Clinical Fire + Ice. After the Triple Skin Care signature cleansing process, we bring on the heat with an exfoliating experience to turn up your glow! Then go through dermaplaning and extractions before cooling down again - literally.

We finish this treatment by applying a hydrating mask plus cryotherapy, followed by LED Light Therapy in addition to special serums and lotions tailor-made just for you. Let us give you a gorgeous sheen that will last days after this little luxe escape is complete!

This facial is 45 minutes

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The ViBe Facial

Transform your skin with this one-of-a-kind flash facial treatment featuring prestigious French brand Biologique Recherche!

A powerful oxygenated hydration boost and cryotherapy will restore essential energy to the skin, while a bespoke mask enriched with their signature Booster VIPO2 cocktail detoxifies and brightens for ultimate glow. Enjoy an amazing transformation in just minutes!

This facial is 30 minutes

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Facial Treatments

Virginia Beach Med Spa

At The Skin Chic, we provide Hampton Roads guests with exclusive luxury med spa services. With our innovative techniques and results-driven facial and body skin care treatments, you can customize your experience for healthy, glowing skin! 

Whether you’re coming from Chesapeake looking for a dermaplaning facial, or are a guest from Norfolk looking for a personalized facial treatment with microneedling, The Skin Chic is ready to provide you with an experience that will leave you with glowing skin.

Book your personalized facial treatment at one of our Virginia Beach locations!

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Facial Questions

Facial Treatment FAQs

Do you have questions about facials in Virginia Beach? Check out our facial treatment FAQ resource here!

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Results-Driven Facials

Virginia Beach Med Spa

Restore your skin with our results-driven facials in Virginia Beach. Our personalized facial treatments will leave you with glowing, youthful looking skin, and will truly transform your skin with lasting results. The Skin Chic offers the most innovative and results driven facial and body skin care treatments in Hampton Roads, giving our guests a personalized luxury med spa experience.

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The Skin Chic is a Virginia Beach med spa with locations in the ViBe Creative District at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and on Shore Drive in the bay area. With a holistic-first approach to skincare, we focus on skin health, skin integrity and skin management for everyone. We follow the science, not trends, when selecting technologies and skincare brands to align ourselves with in order to help you achieve your desired goals for your skin.

Whichever facial treatment you choose, The Skin Chic team ensures that your skin is treated in a professional manner with proven skin technologies, medical grade skincare, post-treatment skincare regimen consultation and education to keep you + your skin vibrant and healthy.

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Laser Treatments

Laser Facials & More

The Skin Chic is the only med spa in Virginia Beach offering PicoSure Pro laser skin revitalization treatments and laser tattoo removal treatments.

Learn more about our laser facials and laser skin treatments

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Virginia Beach Facials & More

Are you ready to glow? Book your facial consultation at The Skin Chic! 

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