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Biologique Recherche Sérum Amniotique VG

Serum Amniotique VG is the new plant-based versions of the best-selling Amniotique Serum. This new hydrating vegan serum has been reformulated using the latest advances in plant and biotech active ingredients. Plant and biotech sciences can now create substitutes for biological compounds to provide even more powerful results. The name Amniotique VG is in reference to its 100% plant formulation.

Amniotique VG Serum is an incomparable source of moisture which helps maintain the skins water level at it's maximum levels. Its hydro-fixating active ingredients help the cells capture water and store it in the upper layers of the skin, which neutralized the effects of skin dryness for a long-lasting action. The skins water balance is optimal, ensuring unparalleled comfort and hydration.

For dehydrated skin instants. Intensely hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis, intensifies cell multiplication, prevents tightness and tugging, helps soothe skin to provide comfort and suppleness.

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