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Welcome to The Skin Chic facial spa, a serene oasis where the fusion of beauty and relaxation creates an unforgettable experience.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our range of top-tier facial spa services, each meticulously designed to rejuvenate your skin and leave you glowing. With 2 locations in Virginia Beach, on Shore Drive and in the ViBe District, our expert team of aestheticians is dedicated to helping you achieve your unique skin goals.

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Shore Dive & ViBe District

Our Facial Spa Locations

Experience revolutionary skincare at The Skin Chic, offering two facial spa destinations in Virginia Beach. Our flagship spa, located in the vibrant ViBe District, is the pinnacle of skin rejuvenation and relaxation. But we're not stopping there.

We're thrilled to introduce our newest haven on Shore Drive, where innovation meets tranquility to redefine your skincare journey. Discover your most radiant self at both of our unique locations, where expertise, comfort, and results come together to provide the ultimate facial spa experience.

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About Our Facial Spa

At The Skin Chic facial spa, we pride ourselves on offering an array of highly customized facial treatments that cater to your individual needs. Our treatments go beyond the ordinary, incorporating a variety of cutting-edge modalities to ensure optimal results. From the gentle refinement of microdermabrasion and the soothing effects of LED light therapy to the invigorating powers of lasers and radiofrequency, our facial treatments embrace a holistic approach to skin revitalization. We're also delighted to introduce you to the transformative benefits of modalities like Microcurrent, DiamondGlow, Hydrafacial, and more.

For those with busy schedules, our supercharged Flash Facial treatments are tailored to fit seamlessly into your on-the-go lifestyle, delivering remarkable results in a fraction of the time. Moreover, we offer high-tech facials that seamlessly combine the art of skincare with the latest advancements in aesthetic technology, ensuring you receive the utmost care and innovation. It's important to note that every facial treatment available at The Skin Chic facial spa has been meticulously curated by our owner and Master Aesthetician, Kristen Myers, who brings her unparalleled expertise to the forefront of your skincare journey.

Step into our world of skin health and rejuvenation – where every treatment is an experience tailored to your unique needs, and where the dedication of our team is aimed at helping you achieve the glowing skin you deserve. Explore our diverse facial offerings, immerse yourself in the finest skincare, and embark on a transformative journey with us at The Skin Chic facial spa in Virginia Beach. Your glowing skin awaits.

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Virginia Beach

Facial Spa Services

Facial Spa Services

Facial Consultations

At The Skin Chic facial spa, we hold the belief that every skin journey begins with a personalized and insightful consultation. For our new clients, this consultation is more than just a preliminary step—it's a crucial foundation for understanding your skin's unique story and crafting a tailored path to its transformation.

During your new client facial consultation, our dedicated team takes the time to deeply comprehend your skin's characteristics, challenges, and aspirations. We engage in an open dialogue, actively listening to your concerns and goals, ensuring that every detail is considered before embarking on your skin rejuvenating journey.

Our new client facial consultations are designed to empower you with knowledge and choices. Our experienced aestheticians employ a meticulous analysis process to assess your skin's needs, whether it's hydration, anti-aging, or addressing specific concerns. This in-depth evaluation enables us to not only recommend the most fitting treatments but also to craft a customized plan that aligns with your skin's unique temperament. The consultation extends beyond the clinical, as we also prioritize creating a comfortable space for you to ask questions, seek advice, and express your preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that your journey at The Skin Chic facial spa begins with trust, knowledge, and the promise of a tailored experience that honors the uniqueness of your skin.

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Facial Spa Services

Flash Facial Treatments©

Experience the power of Flash Facial Treatments© at The Skin Chic. These supercharged, 30-45 minute sessions are specifically designed to address your skin concerns and give you a stunning glow. Whether you're getting ready for a big event or simply need a quick skin reboot during a busy week, our treatments cater to babes and dudes on the go. Discover the ultimate skin revitalization in no time!

Experience the ultimate Flash Facial Treatment with our exclusive modalities. Indulge in gentle chemical exfoliation, DIamondGlow, LED Light Therapy, and luxurious serums from renowned brands like iS Clinical, DMK and Biologique Recherche. Elevate your skincare routine to a whole new level!

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Facial Spa Services

High-Tech Facial Treatments

Embark on a Futuristic Skincare Journey at The Skin Chic, where we unveil the realm of high-tech facials. Seamlessly merging the art of skincare with state-of-the-art aesthetic technology, we introduce a new era of timeless results. Our high-tech facials redefine the possibilities, featuring a signature deep cleanse, infusion of tailored DiamondGlow serums, precision-targeted exfoliation, personalized masking, and a curated selection of cutting-edge aesthetic technology, exclusive to Hampton Roads.

Experience the Evolution: Clear + Brilliant Touch, Elite iQ, and TempSure Envi converge to orchestrate a symphony of transformation on your skin. From bidding farewell to acne and refining texture to addressing firmness concerns, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, vascularity, and hyperpigmentation—our high-tech facials hold the answer. This innovative journey goes beyond traditional facials, symbolizing the pinnacle of progress in the skincare realm.

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Facial Spa Services

Hypercustomized Facial Treatments

Indulge in our exclusive hypercustomized facial treatments for a truly transformative experience. Designed by owner and Master Aesthetician Kristen Myers, these one-of-a-kind treatments will renew your skin like never before. Featuring advanced modalities such as DiamondGlow, Microcurrent, and LED Light Therapy, as well as rejuvenating techniques like dermaplaning and exfoliating masks, our treatments are a cut above the rest. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a radiant complexion with The Skin Chic.

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Facial Spa Services

Laser Facials

Experience the Future of Skincare with PicoSure Pro Laser Facials at our facial spa. We are proud to introduce you to a revolutionary skincare experience – PicoSure Pro laser facials. Unveiling a new era of skin rejuvenation, our practice stands as the exclusive destination in Hampton Roads offering this cutting-edge technology. Guided by our commitment to delivering only the best skincare solutions, we've harnessed the power of the PicoSure Pro laser to redefine the possibilities of facial spa treatments.

PicoSure Pro laser facials represent a significant leap forward in skincare technology. Our practice, being the sole provider in Hampton Roads, brings you the opportunity to harness the potential of this advanced laser system for remarkable skin transformation. With its unique focus on picosecond technology, the PicoSure Pro laser delivers rapid and precise energy pulses that stimulate your skin's natural rejuvenation processes. From diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to addressing hyperpigmentation and uneven texture, this state-of-the-art laser offers exceptional results with minimal downtime.

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Why Visit a Facial Spa?

Facial Spa: The Benefits

Experience the Difference of Facial Treatment Personalization: Elevate your skincare journey with our facial spa services, meticulously tailored to your unique skin concerns. Our personalized treatments guarantee results that align with your specific needs, making your journey to radiant skin truly one-of-a-kind.

Radiate with a Healthy Glow

Rejuvenate your skin and unveil a luminous, healthy complexion that reflects your inner radiance. Our facial spa services are designed to ignite your skin's natural vitality, leaving you with a glow that turns heads and boosts your confidence.

Facial Expertise You Can Trust

Entrust your skin to our skilled aestheticians, who have honed their craft with the latest techniques and expertise. Their dedication ensures that every treatment is not only professionally executed but also comfortable, ensuring you leave our spa feeling refreshed and renewed.

Scientifically Backed Elegance

Immerse your skin in the excellence of top-tier skincare products that are not only of the highest quality but also backed by science. Our commitment lies in offering your skin the finest care possible, ensuring it thrives with the nourishment it requires for unparalleled health and radiance.

Escape into Tranquility

Step into a world of serenity as you unwind in our calming and soothing atmosphere at both of our facial spa locations in Virginia Beach. Beyond improving your skin health, our facial spa services offer a holistic experience, allowing you to escape the stresses of daily life and truly indulge in self-care.

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The Skin Chic Kristen Myers

Why Choose The Skin Chic

Our Experience

Experience modern aesthetic med spa services at The Skin Chic, conveniently located in the ViBe District and Shore Drive of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Founded and run by Kristen and Matt Myers, our spa specializes in effective treatments that prioritize overall skin health, integrity, and age management for all genders. Our dedicated team ensures a professional experience by following the highest treatment standards, offering medical-grade skincare products, and providing continuous education during your skin journey. Join us and discover the ultimate approach to achieving beautiful, radiant skin.

Our aestheticians are the heart of our commitment to excellence, undergoing rigorous training to become true experts in all the diverse skin rejuvenation services we offer. With unwavering dedication, they immerse themselves in a continuous learning journey, mastering the art of skincare while staying up-to-date on cutting edge industry advancements and technologies. From the intricacies of personalized facials to the precision of advanced PicoSure Pro laser treatments, our aestheticians become adept in every facet of the rejuvenation process. This dedication ensures that when you step into our sanctuary, you're not just greeted by professionals, but by passionate experts who are devoted to nurturing your skin's health and glow.

Dedicated to Your Glow

We strive to provide the ultimate facial spa experience, and we're driven by the goal of leaving your skin aglow with vitality. Your distinct skin needs and goals illuminate the path for our services, resulting in a meticulously curated experience. With an unwavering commitment to delivering the high quality skincare services, we ensure that each treatment in our repertoire embarks on a customized journey, elevating your contentment and leaving you with the ultimate facial spa experience in Virginia Beach.

Why Choose The Skin Chic

Cutting-Edge Facial Techniques

Experience transformative skincare at our facial spa in Hampton Roads. We take pride in our commitment to skin excellence, crafting facial treatments based on extensive industry experience and scientific advancements in skincare. We do not follow trends or fads. All of our thoughtfully curated aesthetic technologies and brand partnerships are rooted in science and efficacy that drives lasting change within the skin. Led by our distinguished Master Aesthetician Kristen Myers, we stay ahead of the skincare trends, offering groundbreaking customized facial treatments exclusive to The Skin Chic.

Skin Rejuvenation & Relaxation Await

Escape from the stresses of daily life at our facial spas in Virginia Beach. Our newest location on Shore Drive and our flagship establishment in the Virginia Beach ViBe District provide carefully curated spaces designed to transport you to a world of tranquility.

Experience a true oasis where the demands of the outside world fade away, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate. Our meticulously designed facial spas create an ambiance of serenity, where stress melts away and a renewed sense of calm takes hold. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience, nourishing both your skin and spirit, and emerge with a radiant glow that reflects the inner peace you've embraced.

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Book Your Facial Spa Experience

Ready to experience the epitome of indulgence and transformation? Book your rejuvenating facial spa session with The Skin Chic and step into a world of glowing skin and relaxation.

Our team of expert estheticians is dedicated to curating a personalized experience that caters to your unique skin needs. Whether you're seeking revitalization, hydration, or age-defying treatments, our spa is your sanctuary for unparalleled skincare. Your glowing transformation awaits!

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Virginia Beach

Facial Spa FAQ

At our facial spa, we understand that you might have questions about treatments, procedures, and what to expect during your visit. That's why we've curated an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that serves as your go-to resource for all things facials and facial spas. This dedicated section is designed to offer you clarity and confidence, addressing common questions asked by our valued clients.

We believe that an empowered client is a satisfied client, and our FAQ section is just one more way we prioritize your experience and ensure you're well-prepared to embark on your skincare journey with us.

What is a facial spa?
A facial spa, like The Skin Chic, is a specialized establishment that offers a range of skincare treatments designed to improve the health and appearance of the skin. These treatments often include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and masking, among other techniques and modalities.

What are the benefits of getting a facial?
Facials offer numerous benefits, including deep cleansing, removal of dead skin cells, improved circulation, hydration, and targeted treatment for various skin concerns such as acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation. They can also provide relaxation and stress relief.

How often should I get a facial?
The frequency of facials depends on your skin type, concerns, and goals. Generally, getting a facial every 4-6 weeks can help maintain healthy skin, but your aesthetician can recommend a suitable schedule based on your individual needs. Facial treatments are only part of your skincare journey. Developing an at-home skincare regimen is vital for glowing skin.

What happens during a typical facial treatment?
A typical facial involves several steps: cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if needed), masking, and moisturizing, among others. Some facials may also incorporate specialized techniques like massage or the use of high-tech equipment for advanced treatments.

Are facial treatments suitable for all skin types?
Yes, facial treatments can be adapted to various skin types, including oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin. Your aesthetician will customize the treatment to address your specific needs.

What kind of products are used during facial treatments?
Facial products vary based on the treatment, but they typically include cleansers, exfoliants, serums, masks, and moisturizers. High-quality skincare products with beneficial ingredients are used to address specific concerns.

Do facial treatments hurt?
Most facial treatments are designed to be relaxing and comfortable. However, some steps like extractions might cause mild discomfort, but your aesthetician will work to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Is there downtime after a facial?
Downtime is minimal for most facials, though some treatments may result in temporary redness or sensitivity. Your aesthetician will provide post-treatment care instructions to help you manage any after-effects.

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Facial Spa FAQ

Can I wear makeup after a facial?
It's generally recommended to avoid wearing makeup immediately after a facial to allow your skin to breathe and fully benefit from the treatment. Your aesthetician will advise you on when it's safe to apply makeup.

Are facial treatments only for women, or can men benefit from them too?
Facial treatments are beneficial for all genders. Men can equally benefit from facials to address skin concerns and maintain healthy skin.

Do facial treatments help with specific skin concerns like acne or aging?
Yes, facials can be customized to target specific skin concerns such as acne, aging, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. Different treatments and techniques are used to address each concern.

How do I choose the right facial treatment for my skin?
Your esthetician will assess your skin type and concerns during a consultation to recommend the most suitable facial treatment for your needs and goals.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with facial treatments?
In general, facials are safe and well-tolerated. However, some individuals with sensitive skin might experience temporary redness or irritation. Your aesthetician will conduct a skin analysis to minimize any potential risks.

What should I do to prepare for a facial?
It's recommended to arrive with a clean face and avoid wearing heavy makeup. Your esthetician will guide you on any specific preparation steps.

How long does a typical facial session last?
A typical facial session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the type of treatment and its components.

Is it necessary to make an appointment, or can I walk in for a facial?
While some spas may accept walk-ins, it's generally recommended to make an appointment to ensure availability and personalized service.

What's the difference between a regular facial and a high-tech facial?
A regular facial includes traditional techniques like cleansing and masking, while a high-tech facial incorporates advanced technologies such as lasers, LED therapy, and other specialized equipment for enhanced results.

Can I combine facial treatments with other spa services?
Yes, we offer the option to combine facials with other treatments like laser hair removal, tattoo removal, body treatments and other services for a comprehensive facial spa experience.

Do you offer consultations to determine the best facial treatment for my needs?
Yes, we provide consultations to assess your skin and discuss your concerns, allowing them to recommend the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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