Laser Hair Removal: Why Cynosure’s Elite iQ Allows for Year-Round Smooth Skin

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Laser hair removal technology has revolutionized the aesthetics market since its initial introduction in 1995. With Cynosure's Elite iQ treatment, smoothing skin can be achieved quickly and safely for all skin tones. Now you don't have to wait around or worry about pigmentation changes; embrace smoother, radiant looking skin year round!

How does Laser Hair Removal Work? 

Lasers target a specific chromophore, or substance, within the skin in order to produce change. In laser hair removal procedures, the targeted chromophore is the melanin in the hair itself, which is why laser hair removal providers ask patients to shave, not wax, prior to their laser hair removal appointment. The end goal with laser hair removal is damaging the stem cell that feeds the hair follicle in order to prevent new hair from growing ever again. 

However, because the laser is targeting melanin, more often than not providers will shy away from treating suntanned or sunless-tanned skins, as their equipment is unable to differentiate between the melanin being targeted (the melanin within the hair left in the hair follicle), and the melanin in the skin. The Elite iQ gives patients and providers alike a solution to this challenge, which is why we at The Skin Chic invite anyone seeking Laser Hair Removal to come experience the Elite iQ laser, the 21st century solution to year-round smoothness!

How does the Elite iQ Provide Excellent Laser Hair Removal Results? 

The Elite iQ is the laser to employ the use of a melanin reader, delivering safe and effective treatments each and every time. The SkinTel Melanin Reader works by measuring melanin in the area being treated. This gives your provider safe, customizable settings that are specific to your skin and hair type, delivering lasting results each session. The Elite iQ also has two different lasers (Alexandrite and ND:YAG) that operate at two different wavelengths (755nm and 1064nm) allowing skin and hair of all shades and textures to be treated. What this means for you is no matter if you’re coming back from spring break with a fresh tan, or in the middle of winter hibernation, the Elite iQ and SkinTel Reader can read your skin and customize settings for you to receive treatment year round. 

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser Hair Removal with the Elite iQ does not hurt! You will feel warmth associated with the treatment, but a Zimmer Chiller is used to help abate any associated discomfort. Your practitioner can also pre-chill the treatment area to reduce sensitivity. 

What can I expect after my Laser Hair Removal treatment? 

Following your laser hair removal treatment, you may notice that your individual hair follicles are a little swollen and red. This is completely normal and typically subsides within the first few hours immediately following your treatment. You may also see tiny pieces of hair lifting from the follicle immediately following your treatment. This is an indication that follicle and cellular damage has occurred, which is the optimal result! 

You will want to refrain from shaving, tweezing, and waxing for a week following your treatment. If any hairs are visible during this timeframe, they are likely lifting from the follicle to go through a natural desquamation process. You can exfoliate three to four days post treatment using a scrub or mitt. This will allow for any remaining pieces of hairs in the follicle to lift out. 

Where can I receive Laser Hair Removal? 

You can receive laser hair removal treatments anywhere on your body. Thanks to the SkinTel Melanin reader, we are able to deliver safe and effective results anywhere you have hair! The only exceptions to this are men’s beards, and hair on the head. The most commonly treated areas at The Skin Chic are lower legs, underarms, bikini, and unwanted facial hair. We treat both men and women, and all clients love their immediate improvement in their smoothness! 

How many treatments will I need? 

At The Skin Chic, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, and price all areas in packages of 6. If you are experiencing hormonal hair growth from conditions such as hirsutism or PCOS, you will likely need more than 6 sessions to completely rid yourself of unwanted hair, as these conditions are chronic and often also require lifestyle or medication changes to change the hair growth rate and cycle. If you require more than 6 sessions to remove your unwanted hair, we price additional sessions at a 20% discount. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? 

Laser hair removal is mostly permanent. Most clients who undergo laser hair removal don’t have to shave or wax within the first 5 years immediately following their treatment series, and if hair does regrow in the treated areas, it is sparse and easily addressed in a touch-up session or two. 

How long the laser hair removal lasts is largely hormonally driven, so if you experience major hormonal changes, expect to see a change in your hair growth rate, thickness and texture. 

What Else Can the Elite iQ from Cynosure Treat? 

The Elite iQ from Cynosure is also indicated to treat broken capillaries, leg veins, benign pigmented lesions, cuperose skins (or skins with excessive redness), and cherry angiomas (cherry moles). With this laser, we are able to treat men and women of all skin tones and types, including more pigmented skin tones, thanks in part due to the SkinTel Melanin reader. 

Education also matters, and at The Skin Chic, continuing education and safety are paramount to our ethical business operation strategy. All practitioners are fully educated in laser technology, licensed and insured.

Why You Should Choose The Skin Chic and the Elite iQ for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Series 

At The Skin Chic, we pride ourselves on bringing the best aesthetic technology to the Hampton Roads market. In addition to the Elite iQ from Cynosure, The Skin Chic also offers PicoSure Pro, Potenza RF Microneedling and TempSure Envi treatments. 

We stand behind our treatments, and do not throttle our lasers’ power down in order to make you purchase more sessions. This is common practice in the laser hair removal industry. We follow all laws, practices and procedures to give you the results you want with no gimmicks, games or marketing schemes. 

Our goal is to have you love your skin, and we would love to be part of your laser hair removal journey!  

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