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Biologique-Recherche Bespoke LUXE VIP Facial Treatment

120 min | $400

Biologique Recherche Bespoke VIP Facial Treatment is for everyone in search of an ultra-luxe treatment. The spectacular results of the Lift C.V.S. treatment are achieved with the unique Biologique Recherche protocol of manual lifting, mechanical exfoliation, and serum infusion. Thanks to unique vibrational movements and a gentle pinching technique around connective tissue, this manual Biologique Recherche facelift provides a mind-blowing reshaping of the facial structure. Highly concentrated active ingredients purify and restore volume, even out color, create a firm and flawless surface. This is an ultra-luxe 2-hour treatment with two estheticians working their magic that includes dermaplane, double the Lift C.V.S and hand & foot reflexology. 

A must-have Biologique Recherche facial treatment and experience you will always remember! 


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